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Our new location is 16250 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97224

Functional Solutions for Lasting Wellness

Functional Medicine is a systems biology-based methodology that recognizes how each symptom or diagnosis may be just one piece of the puzzle, with multiple contributing factors. A single diagnosis can be the result of a complex interplay of causes that we will strive to heal at the source.

Primary Care

Personalized primary care, merging naturopathy with modern medicine, offers tailored services including diagnostics, flexible consultation options, medication management, natural remedies, cancer screenings, and sensitive health screenings for women and sexual health concerns.

Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy revitalizes the body by placing tiny pellets under the skin, releasing hormones to personalize wellness and restore vitality.

Men's Health

Treatments to improve energy levels, sleep, emotions, brain function and to restore a more healthy sexual life.

Personalized Lifestyle Plans

Crafting personalized lifestyle plans involves tailored nutrition, holistic lifestyle adjustments, and customized exercise routines, all designed to enhance your overall well-being by addressing specific health concerns and individual needs.

Acute & Chronic Disease Management

Disease management at our facility involves personalized treatment plans targeting symptoms and underlying causes for conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritis, and Pneumonia, using evidence-based lifestyle adjustments and therapies to promote natural healing and alleviate discomfort.