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Curate a Plan for Healthy Living

Improve your health by strategically examining your lifestyle with a personalized focused on you.

Personalized Nutrition

Optimal health hinges on a diet rich in essential nutrients, customized to your unique needs. Our tailored nutrition plans are crafted based on a comprehensive assessment of factors like your DNA, gender, and medical history, ensuring your body gets precisely what it needs for overall well-being.

We understand that each individual has unique nutritional needs. Our personalized approach aims to establish clear, achievable dietary goals, addressing specific issues like microbiome imbalances, food sensitivities, impaired digestion, and inflammation.

Personalized Lifestyle

Your lifestyle encompasses more than just nutrition — it’s the whole of your daily habits and routines that impact your health. That’s why our lifestyle plans take a holistic approach.


We’ll collaborate to identify changes both big and small across areas like sleep, stress management, social connectedness, and mental health. Then we’ll outline achievable goals tailored to your needs to help you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lifestyle changes combined with the right integrative therapies can be profoundly restorative.

Personalized Exercise

Movement is medicine, and ideal exercise varies for each patient. After a thorough assessment, we’ll design a custom fitness plan aligned to your abilities, limitations, and health goals.

Your regimen will include specific recommendations on activities, intensity, frequency, and more to improve mobility, strength, endurance, and overall functioning without risk of injury. We’re here to support you every step of the way and continually optimize your plan to help you rediscover your body’s potential.

How Does it Work?

Your journey to wellness at NW Regen starts with a detailed consultation to understand your unique health goals, encompassing aspects like nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. Based on this, we might conduct targeted tests like food sensitivity checks and hormone panels to uncover underlying issues.

From here, we create a customized lifestyle plan for you, focusing on incremental improvements in nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental health, tailored to your abilities and needs. Our team supports and adapts your plan over time, ensuring it remains aligned with your evolving wellness journey.