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Get Back to You.

Our core mission is to provide natural, evidence-based treatments. We recognize that effective healing transcends treating symptoms — it involves unraveling and addressing the root causes of ailments and nurturing the body’s inherent capacity for regeneration and recovery.

Whether seeking relief from chronic pain, looking for innovative, non-surgical, regenerative solutions, or exploring functional medicine for comprehensive primary care, our team tailors their approach to fit your unique health journey. Our goal is to empower you with sustainable solutions, guiding you toward a vibrant, active lifestyle.

At NW Regen, you’re not just treated; you’re understood and guided toward a life of reduced pain and enhanced vitality, led by the expertise of specialists who believe in the power of personalized care.

Innovative Care. Incredible Results.

Age and injury don’t have to sideline you from what you love.
Redefine what’s possible with personalized treatment.

We’re committed to personalized healthcare, focusing on your body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate. Our approach is centered on innovative, minimally invasive treatments, targeting the underlying causes of health issues for lasting wellness.

By combining advanced therapies like Prolotherapy, PRP, Nerve Hydrodissection, and MFAT with targeted treatments such as bioidentical hormone therapy and IV nutritional infusions, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of care tailored to your unique health journey.

Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that address your immediate health concerns while contributing to your long-term wellness and vitality. 

We see each therapy as an essential step toward a more active, fulfilling life.

Holistic Healing with Dr. Moehle’s Functional Medicine

Dr. Jillian Moehle applies an attentive and discerning approach to healthcare, investigating each symptom to uncover underlying causes. Her expertise in Functional Medicine ensures personalized solutions for enduring wellness and balanced living.

Targeted Care with Dr. Ryan Wood’s Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Ryan Wood adopts a systematic and individualized approach to Regenerative Medicine. By concentrating on accurately identifying and addressing the foundational issues of each patient’s condition, he ensures effective, considerate, and personalized care.

Services Offered

Functional Medicine

This method emphasizes understanding and addressing the underlying causes of diseases, aiming to restore health and balance. Our services include personalized primary care, gastrointestinal health management, hormone balancing, and nutritional advice, all tailored to your unique health needs and lifestyle.

Regenerative Orthopedics

Using a personalized and innovative approach to treatment, we offer a spectrum of treatments for joint, muscle, tendon, and nerve discomforts. Our regenerative techniques are tailored to each patient’s unique condition, aiming to restore function and alleviate pain.

Pain Management

Our approach to pain management is centered on identifying and addressing the causes of acute and chronic pain. We provide individualized treatment plans, encompassing solutions for nerve-related pain and other chronic discomforts, to enhance your overall quality of life.

Stellate Ganglion Blocks

By targeting the foundational factors of anxiety, PTSD, migraines, and similar conditions, stellate ganglion blocks offer a nuanced approach to nervous system regulation. These precise injections are part of a personalized treatment plan aimed at alleviating symptoms and restoring balance.

Real Relief: What Patients Are Saying

Patient stories illustrate the effectiveness of our treatments and our compassionate and innovative approach, defining NW Regen’s personalized transformations.

“Treatment at NW Regen goes beyond the expectations of today’s standard client/patient interaction. There is a deep analysis of current pain/restriction as well as a thorough analysis of past diagnoses and treatment. Dr. Wood goes beyond what has been done and looks to what is possible. A thorough treatment plan is decided and agreed upon and a realistic timeframe/healing is discussed. Treatment is aggressive but helpful. Dr. Wood is a visionary and his team is warm, open, and caring.”


“Before NW Regen, I suffered for over eight years with acute pain from trigeminal neuralgia — damage to a facial nerve. The pain was sometimes so severe I couldn’t speak, and medications were ineffective. Dr. Wood administered a pain block, and though it took more than one injection, I’ve been pain and discomfort-free for months. It’s miraculous, and I’m so grateful for his expertise.”


“A year ago my knee was so bad I was starting to think about knee replacement as the only real option. I met Dr. Wood and after several sessions with stem cell and PRP treatments, I have 80% fewer symptoms than a year ago. I work out, hike, and walk my dog, all pain-free. I highly recommend NW Regen as an alternative to surgery.”


“My husband has bad PTSD and has had the Stellate Ganglion Block injection by other doctors and had no response. Dr. Wood is by far the best for this procedure! He knows what he’s doing and he actually really cares about helping people! He helped give my husband his life back! We will definitely be back and will be referring him to others we know.”


Diverse Healthcare For Diverse Needs

We understand that health concerns vary widely, and we’re prepared to assist with a broad array of treatments and services. If your specific health concern isn’t listed, we invite you to reach out for a personalized consultation. Our services encompass:

  • Customized Primary Care
  • Comprehensive Hormone Therapy Options
  • Joint Pain and Instability Treatment
  • Specialized Care for Connective Tissue Disorders
  • Rehabilitation for Concussions, Sprains, Strains, and Sports Injuries
  • Healing Solutions for Ligament, Muscle, and Tendon Damage
  • Managing Nerve Conditions, Including Entrapments
  • Long COVID Symptoms
  • Targeted Chronic Pain, Migraine, PTSD, and Anxiety Relief
  • Men’s Health, ED, and Hair Restoration Expertise
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plans for Optimal Health
  • Acute & Chronic Disease Management Tailored to You