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Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection

Relieving nerve pain due to entrapment

What is Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection?

Nerve hydrodissection involves injecting fluid using highly skilled ultrasound guidance to separate nerves from soft tissue or other impingements, relieving nerve pain and regenerating normal nerve function. It basically uses fluid to separate nerves from an “entrapment” while helping to heal and restore more normal nerve function. It’s a simple, effective, nonsurgical solution for nerve pain. 

Theoretically, nerve impingement can happen in any area of the body and on any nerve. It is one of the most commonly overlooked conditions contributing to pain and dysfunction. 

What conditions does it treat?

Any pain due to nerve impingement, including:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Headache, neck, and shoulder pain  
  • Elbow pain and ulnar nerve entrapments
  • Lower back pain, sciatica, pudendal and cluneal nerve entrapments. 
  • Knee and ankle pain common in runners, triathletes, marathon runners, soccer players and other athletes
  • Foot pain due to flat feet or sprained ankles
  • Postoperative Nerve Entrapment 
Peripheral nerve system

How does it work?

The solution injected essentially frees a nerve from the soft tissue obstruction that is causing the nerve to be entrapped. This fluid is also nutritive to nerves and helps to promote healing. 

Frequently-Asked Questions

How do nerves become entrapped?

It only takes a small amount of pressure to cause a nerve to sense pain, so nerve obstructions are likely more common than people think. Sports injuries, repetitive motions, childbirth, and traumatic falls are just some of the functions that can cause nerve entrapment.

What is the injection fluid made of?

Buffered saline, buffered dextrose in water, anesthetics, isotonic marine plasma, platelet-poor or platelet-rich plasma and other orthobiologics are typically used in this procedure. Most of our injections use a nutritive solution to help restore the health of the nerve being freed. 

Can you combine Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection with other treatments?

Yes – it can and often is done in combination with other procedures including PRP to create a full treatment plan.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are minimal provided the procedure is done correctly. We use ultrasound to see the nerve and with great skill are able to place the injection exactly where it is needed. It’s an advanced procedure that takes an exceptional level of experience, but done correctly, it can relieve and heal nerves that are otherwise difficult to treat.