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Conditions We Treat

At NW Regen, we get to know you, not just your illness. 

NW Regen physicians guide you to a life of reduced pain, improved well-being, and enhanced vitality.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of personalized and compassionate care for both men and women  that is tailored to your unique health journey.

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Orthopedic Injuries and Trauma

Joints, ligament, muscle, tendon damage from injuries, sports, or congenital disorder

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Connective Tissue Disorders

Ehler’s Danlos,  hypermobile spectrum disorders, Sjogren’s dry eye syndrome

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Women’s Health Conditions

Menopause, perimenopause, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, hormones, sexual health

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Chronic Pain

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, occipital neuralgia, migraines, tension or cluster headaches

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Nerve Conditions

Carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy, nerve entrapments

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Men’s Health Conditions

Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, hormones, andropause, and primary care issues

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Mental & Emotional Health Issues

PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, postpartum depression

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Acute and Chronic Conditions

Endocrine, autoimmune, digestion, allergies, and cardiovascular concerns

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Hair Loss

Genetic and autoimmune conditions that lead to male and female hair loss

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Head Trauma

Concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI) from direct trauma, whiplash, blast injuries

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Brain fog, extreme fatigue, anosmia (loss of smell), parosmia (distortion of smell)

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Aesthetics & Anti-Aging

Aging skin, volume loss, facial lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, and dark circles.