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Are You Suffering from Long COVID?

Long haulers experience a variety of symptoms – let’s help you recover and heal.

Don’t give up.  Let’s restore your health, combat fatigue, and regain vitality.

Promote natural healing with tailored treatment plans for: 

Brain Fog

When living with the effects of Long COVID, you can experience brain fog, a range of neurocognitive symptoms that can include forgetfulness and problems focusing, concentrating, and paying attention. NW Regen physicians can help.

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Extreme Fatigue

Lingering symptoms for ‘long haulers’ experiencing Long COVID symptoms including fatigue, body aches, inability to exercise, headache, and difficulty sleeping. Our team can help with personalized treatments and lifestyle plans.

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Anosmia (Loss of Smell)

When you can’t detect odors, it’s usually temporary from a cold or sinus infection. Sometimes, anosmia may be from a condition that interferes with signals sent from scent cells to your brain, or from serious medical issues like diabetes or traumatic brain injury.

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Parosmia (Distorted Sense of Smell)
A distorted sense of smell occurs when smell receptor cells in your nose don’t detect odors or transmit them to your brain. Causes include bacterial or viral infections, head trauma, neurological conditions, and COVID-19. Parosmia is usually temporary but can be permanent.

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Let’s address your discomfort and promote healing.

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Relief in less than 30 minutes.

Dr. Ryan Wood is the most experienced specialist in Stellate Ganglion Blocks on the west coast, with 2000+ procedures performed  since specializing in SGB injections starting in 2017.

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Don't sit and suffer.

Patients tell us: “It’s been great to get affirmation that I’m not the only person with these issues”, “I kept being told it was all in my head” or “There’s comfort in knowing I’m not alone.” 


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Multi-faceted care.

Along with injections, our tailored treatments combine natural therapies, botanical medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling to stimulate the body’s self- healing mechanisms.



How do regenerative and functional medicine facilitate healing?

Regenerative therapies and functional medicine are both used in our treatment plans.

Lifestyle Plans

Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGBs)

Injections block the nerve highway carrying information that triggers anxiety responses, effectively ‘re-booting’  nervous system to a pre-trauma state.

Lifestyle Plans

Disease Management

A comprehensive assessment of your medical history and current status helps us determine a tailored treatment plan. We focus on symptom reduction so you can achieve a better quality of life.

Lifestyle Plans

Healthy Lifestyle Plans

Get tailored nutrition, holistic lifestyle adjustments, and custom exercise routines and weight loss plans designed to enhance your overall well-being by addressing individual health concerns needs.

Lifestyle Plans

Hormone Treatments

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapies correct and fine-tune intricate biological rhythms that orchestrate internal functions, reviving your body’s natural cadence.

Ready for Treatment?

NW Regen helps restore healthy function through personalized patient experiences.